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The citizens of Tehachapi have a vision. The vision is of a performing arts center to showcase the multitude of talents found in our arts community, and to preserve and present the rich heritage of the greater Tehachapi community. It is to be a building of simple elegance, beautiful but not ostentatious, functional but not bland, artistic but not ornate. It will reflect the rural nature of the landscape in the hope that future buildings in the community will follow suit. It will require the entire Tehachapi community, everyone working together, to make the Center a reality. The Board expects that it will cost in the vicinity of 9 million dollars to build the Center. You may think that a performing arts center is simply a building for providing entertainment. That is far from the truth. The benefits of the arts to children and their learning processes have been well documented in studies throughout the world. Recently on a CNN news show, they were discussing the severe negative impact of budget cuts on school programs. The reporter began with, “What if you were told that something existed that would help your children learn math and science? And what if you were told that the something is music?” He went on to say that music and art programs are being wiped out in the public schools due to budget cuts, despite the fact that studies show a significant improvement in SAT scores in both math and reading when children study and play music. His conclusion was that it is becoming increasingly clear that skills in music and theatre are highly related to skills in math and science. The community is fortunate to have great teachers in music and drama to teach children those important skills; now we must provide a place for them to watch great performances and to participate in those performances. The future of our civilization rests on the ability of our citizens to think and reason, to put their math, science and arts skills to use in improving the lives of all our citizens. The arts are an essential part of the fabric of our American Quilt and we must begin to insist on a place for them in the lives of our children, a place for all the many performing groups in our community. And there is more: a study titled, The Role of the Arts in Economic Development, conducted by the National Governors Conference, found that public interest in the performing arts has increased to such an extent that these activities now outdraw sporting events and movie houses. This is a little known but very important fact for Community Planners. In addition to the performing arts, the Center will house an old-time fiddling museum, a Kawaiisu exhibit, an historical museum prepared and supported by the Heritage League, along with a classroom/ reception/rehearsal hall for weddings and other events. This is a dynamic partnership, with the performing arts groups bringing in thousands of people each year, not only to enjoy the performances but also to view the history of Tehachapi’s unusual and interesting past. We believe this kind of Center will bring the community together in a sense of community spirit and pride. Your tax deductible contributions will make this vision, the vision of a true performing arts and museum center, a reality.
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